Fortnite and the End of Season 9: The New Extraordinary Time Challenges Are Available

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While Fortnite fans are wondering how to complete the Second Birthday Challenges, the guys at Epic Games announce the new round of Extraordinary Time Challenges waiting to unravel the surprises that await us at the end of Season 9.

The new update of the weekly challenges invites all the fans of the most famous and played battle royale shooter in the world to spend themselves to complete the in-game activities necessary to guarantee the release of special objects for their alter-ego.

In the trio of unpublished challenges active from today, Friday 26 July, we are thus asked damage opponents with Assault Rifles for a total of 2,500 damage points, to revive a friend in three different games and to dance in the immediate vicinity of a Skeleton Monster.

As always, to reach the final goal and complete all the Extraordinary Time Challenges we will have time until the next weekly activity reset, scheduled between Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July coinciding with the end of Season 9 and the start of the highly anticipated Season 10 of Fortnite.