Fortnite Guide: How to Complete All the 2nd Birthday Challenges

Fortnite Challenges 2nd Birth

Fortnite’s new 2nd birthday challenges are finally available. In this mini-guide we explain how to complete them all, helping you to get the relative rewards provided for the event.

Below we list all the challenges of Fortnite’s 2nd Birthday, explaining how to complete them in order to obtain the relative rewards.

Play games (0/10)

The first challenge simply requires you to play 10 Fortnite Battle Royal games. To complete the goal, make sure you complete the matches. Once the challenge is complete, you will get the Frosted cover as a reward.

Dance in front of several birthday cakes (0/10)

On our pages we have already explained to you how to complete the challenge Dance in front of different birthday cakes, showing you the positions of the cakes on the map (which you can also see in the image below). All you have to do is go to 10 different birthday cakes, and dance in front of each one. The expected reward for this challenge is Electrocompleanno music.

Survive your opponents (0/500)

You will have to survive a total of 500 opponents over the course of the various games. To succeed, a good strategy would be to land in a quiet area and hide from enemies for as long as possible. You can carry on with this challenge while completing the one that requires you to play 10 matches. The expected reward is the Tanti so spray.

Get health or shield with the Birthday Cake (0/50)

On our pages, we showed you how to complete the challenge Get Health or Shield with the Birthday Cake. All you have to do is reach one of the birthday cakes scattered on the map and interact with the small slices of cake in the surrounding area. Each slice will give you 5 health or shield points. Interact with the slices of cake until you get 50 points. In reward, you will receive the Emoticon Bignè birthday.

Complete all 4 challenges to get the item in reward (0/4)

Once you are able to complete all 4 Fortnite’s 2nd birthday challenges, you will be rewarded with the exclusive Birthday Slice collection tool.