GTA 3: A Modder Recreates Liberty City in the Beamng Universe, Here Is the Video

GTA 3: A Modder Recreates Liberty City

Regardless of the rumors of GTA, a fan of Grand Theft Auto shows us that one does not live by the only mod 4K in GTA 5 Ray Tracing and turns his gaze to the glorious past of the free-roaming series of Rockstar Games to recreate the Liberty City of GTA 3 in the racing dimension of BeamNG.

Rather than drawing on third-party development tools like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, the amateur developer who shaped this unusual project made use of the tools offered by the internal editor from to exploit the excellent physical engine.

The driving game of the German authors of BeamNG, even without being known by the general public, is in fact renowned among sim racing fans for its collision management system and for its “procedural destruction” engine of vehicle bodies, two factors that blend perfectly in a playful context like that of GTA 3.

At the top of the article you can see the video of the total conversion of the Liberty City theme by for obvious copyright reasons, the author swift502 reminds us that the project in question cannot be published on the main free mod portals as happened most recently with The Witcher 3 Exodus ReShade or the Boss Rush Mode by Sekiro.