Naughty Dog Besides The Last of Us 2: New Rumors About the Next Gen PS5 Game

The Last Of Us 2

After gathering rumours about Naughty Dog’s crunch problems, we report a new leak that would suggest that the Santa Monica software house is already working on new intellectual property to be launched on PS5 after dealing with The Last of Us 2.

To bounce these rumors on the net are the users of the Reddit community, with leaks taken from the controversial portal of 4chan, on the basis of a report of a company meeting that would have taken place recently among the most influential members of the Sony subsidiary development team Interactive Entertainment.

According to the rumour, behind the new IP of Naughty Dog known by the code name of Stray’s Cross would be hidden the project of a steampunk adventure set in a post-apocalyptic dimension upset by a secret conflict that lasted entire ages. The title should include two protagonists represented by a talented scientist and another person who fell into disgrace and was unjustly accused by the authorities.

The two actors that can be interpreted, despite the diametrically opposed characters and the different narrative background, will have the task of collaborating to put together the pieces of a narrative puzzle so complex as to include an international conspiracy to destroy human civilization. What makes rumour really interesting, however, is the indication, by the anonymous source of the leak, of a gaming system centred entirely on a first-person view.

What do you think of these rumours? Regardless of the veracity of these rumours, does the idea of a first-person sci-fi adventure developed by Naughty Dog on PS5 intrigue you? Let us know with a comment.