Pokemon Go: The Go Rocket Team Invades the Pokéstops! Here Are the New Challenges With Pokemon Shadow

Pokemon Go

The developers of Niantic Labs confirm the rumors of the last days about the arrival of Team Rocket in PokemonGO and invite all the Coaches to face the threat represented by the fearsome Team GO Rocket and their Shadow Pokemon.

With the help of Professor Willow and the leaders of the teams who carefully observed the events that preceded the GO Rocket Team’s invasion of Pokéstops, our task will be to restore them and save the Shadow Pokemon from the fate that they would wait if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

To meet the Go Rocket Team, just go to one of the faded Pokestop displayed by your iOS and Android smartphone. Once you meet the GO Rocket Team recruits’ gaze it will be possible to challenge them in the battle for the opportunity to capture the Shadow Pokemon. Once in possession of these precious and delicate creatures, the Trainers will not be able to exchange them until they are purified.

The Purification process will allow Pokemon to return to a normal state and, above all, to become stronger than their “base” equivalents as a form of gratitude for those who will take care of it. The teaser trailer that stands out at the beginning of the article helps us enter the climate necessary to counter the impending threat of Team Rocket of Pokemon GO. And are you ready to take up the challenge?