Project Cars 3: Slightly Mad Reveals Lots of Information About the Simulation Driving Game

Project Cars 3

By exchanging four digital chats with the users who follow him on Twitter, the managing director of the studios Slightly Mad, Ian Bell, confirmed the development of Project CARS 3 and revealed many new details on the next chapter of his simulation driving game for PC and console.

According to the CEO of the British development company, “the next Project CARS will be a real revolution. I thank infinitely all the team that is working to perfect it. I might have been accused of being overly optimistic on some occasions, but believe me, if I tell you that this will be a turning point. The game is already epic at this point but we want to improve it further and be ready before launching it”.

From a purely content and qualitative point of view, according to Bell’s statements the third act of Project CARS epic racing “is 200% better than the previous chapter. I really can’t stop playing with it and I should be exhausted at this stage of development It will really be a simulation game, but we want to put the accent on the driving experience to bring the fun back into a sim racing game devoted to realism. We will announce it very soon but it is not my job to do it, publishers manage this type of communications”.

Officially announced in November last year, Project CARS should see the light between the end of this year and the first half of 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In recent months, Ian Bell himself reported that Project CARS 3 will resemble NFS Shift, representing a sort of spiritual successor enriched with the simulative elements that have always drawn the playful experience of the Slightly Mad Studios series.