Second RAGE 2 Major Update Available: First Details on the Dlc Rise of the Ghosts

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Coinciding with QuakeCon 2019, the developers of id Software and the authors of the Avalanche studios confirm the arrival of the second RAGE 2 Major Update and describe in detail the contents of the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, starting with the indicative launch window on PC and console.

If you want to pay attention to the authors of RAGE 2, the DLC Rise of the Ghosts will not be available at the end of July as initially planned but will arrive in September. Inside, we’ll find unreleased story missions and lots of secondary activities to deal with in the endgame and in the free-roaming module. Also within this expansion, there will be space for a new explorable region of the Devastated Area, an area populated by an unpublished enemy faction equipped with devastating weapons. To immerse yourself in the dangerous adventures of this additional content, therefore, you will have to complete most of the main campaign missions or, at least, have acquired a sufficiently high level of experience.

With the DLC in September, a generous increase in the arsenal will come, with new skills to unlock for your virtual Ranger. The second expansion of the post-apocalyptic universe of RAGE 2, on the other hand, will arrive in November and promises to offer the same amount of content as Rise of the Ghosts, ie new missions to be faced against unpublished enemies in a region never seen on the map.

As for the Major Update 2, as anticipated by id Software and by the Avalanche Studios the free update adds the New Game Plus function, the Ironman mode, the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty level, unpublished skins for weapons and two cheat codes.