Shenmue 3: The New Images Show the Numerous Bonuses for Kickstarter Bakers

The developers of Ys Net led by Yu Suzuki update the pages of the Shenmue 3 official website to illustrate in detail all the bonuses provided for those who participated in the Shenmue 3 fundraising campaign on Kickstarter and contributed, by doing so, to the development of the title.

The bonuses for Shenmue 3 bakers will be both digital and physical. In the first case, Ryo Hazuki’s emulators who supported the project through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaign will be able to unlock an international phone card with which to access new exclusive dialogue lines, a special jacket to be worn by the iconic hero of the series of Shenmue and lots of toys to get through the Toy Machine Capsules placed at strategic points on the map.

As for the physical prizes provided for those who have decided to invest more money during the Kickstarter campaign, the Ys Net team has already planned to send more than 5,000 autographed artworks by Yu Suzuki himself, exclusive covers to be applied on the cover of your copy of the game, a special edition T-shirt, the official artbook with lots of unpublished preparatory sketches, a bag full of vintage material dedicated to the Shenmue series (in the images we can see clocks, a door Theme CD and a statuette), a colored calligram and a crystal statuette with the 3D image of Ryo and Shenhua.

All these bonuses should be available since the launch of Shenmue 3, which we remember to be scheduled for November 19 on PC and PS4.

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