The Fishstick Skin Is Back in the Fortnite Store Update: All the News


If you have always wanted to have a fishy look, we could definitely recommend a good psychologist, but before asking for the help of a specialist, you can take a look at the new Fortnite store update, as the Fishstick skin is back on sale.

Being a rare skill you can turn yourself into a fish for 1200 V-Bucks. The colored skins that can be matched to the Brigade Banner are also on sale again, the first at a cost of 800 V-Bucks, and the second will cost you 400 V-Bucks. Finally, the Emblematic and Bootstrap picks and the Coral Cruiser glider complete the picture.

In the Daily Sales we find instead the skins Guan Yu, epic 1500 V-Bucks and Asmodues, rare at the cost of 1200 V-Bucks together with the Crabby emote and the Fortnite World Cup banner, coming just this weekend.

We remind you that the items sold in the shop do not represent any competitive advantage in battle, but will only change the aesthetic look of your character. As for the latest in-game news, Fortnite’s birthday celebrations are underway, which is two years old this month. If you need help, on our website you will find the guide to the challenges of the second anniversary of Fortnite.