The Gears 5 Multiplayer Tech Test Accessible to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers over the Weekend

Gears 5

Once the initial problems of accessing the Gears 5 Tech Test have been overcome, the authors of The Coalition extend to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers the invitation to try a preview of the multiplayer segment of their highly anticipated shooter on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

The new phase of the Gears 5 Tech Test will take place from 19:00 (GMT +2) on Friday 26 July to the same time on Monday 29 July. Of course, the Xbox Game Pass users on PC Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to take part in the test, as well as those who have decided to pre-order the new blockbuster shooter from Microsoft.

In recent days, representatives of The Coalition have confirmed the possibility, for users who will immerse themselves in the multiplayer challenges of their title, to unlock and purchase characters in Gears 5 with a system similar to that adopted in Rainbow Six Siege. The US developers also expressed their intention to create an original battle royale mode to enrich the post-launch title with content.

Before reminding you that Gears 5 will be released on September 6th on PC and Xbox One, we leave you in the company of Alessio Ferraiuolo’s in-depth analysis that explains if it is possible to play in 4k and 60fps on RTX 2080 Ti.