The Last of Us 2: Grueling Crunches According to Former Naughty Dog

The Release Date of the Last of Us 2

In recent times we are talking more and more often about crunch time and, this time, the target of some anonymous accusations is Naughty Dog, the team that is dealing with the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2.

The messages in, which were sent anonymously and cannot be verified in any way, claim that currently the developers working on the game are “forced” to do grueling shifts. The crunch is in fact extra work that the employees are not obliged to do but that, due to a series of problems, always end up extending their shifts.

Here is one of the anonymous statements:

“This is my opinion about the crunches of Naughty Dog: the truth lies in the middle. There is no explicit request to make extras. However, there may be some pressure that drives employees to do so. To lead us to work all this time those who hold the role of manager. To push us to make extras, they also speak of a team composed of brilliant, talented and dedicated people who work hard on a project altogether. “

These are the words of another former employee:

“The reality is that no one will ever tell you that you will have to work a certain amount of hours. But despite everything, someone will have to complete the job. That amount of working hours is simply impossible for anyone, it’s too much. If you do not reach certain goals you risk dismissal, so you have very few choices. “

In a third message there was then talk of salaries:

“The salary we received was slightly higher than the minimum. The leaders used this strategy to make extra work more attractive and push us to work harder. During crunch time, which can last many months, 60-80 hours could be reached Weekly work. I remember when in the period before the release of the first The Last of Us we exceeded 100 hours. “

In addition to the first chapter of the series, Uncharted 4 also seems to have required many hours of extra work for the developers:

“A normal work week was about 12 hours a day for 6 days a week and we often had no choice. Sometimes we stayed in the office until midnight or one o’clock. At the end of Uncharted 4’s development period, we started to work 7 days a week and, in some cases, to stay in the office for 24 hours on a rotating basis. For about 9 months I did not have a life outside of work. Some people did not spend too much time in the office simply for health reasons “Those of us who didn’t work enough were more exposed to the risk of being fired than those who did these shifts.”

As you can easily guess, these are rather unpleasant situations in case they turn out to be true. We invite you, however, to take everything with pliers because, as mentioned above, these are statements that cannot be verified in any way because the authors have expressed the will to remain anonymous.

Among the titles that have recently been the focus of similar controversies are Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Mortal Kombat 11.