Apex Legends: Published a Thermal Map Showing the “Hottest Places”

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Have you ever wondered what, apart from skull town, the areas of Apex Legends where players love to go looking for loot? Thanks to a tweet published in the last hours it is finally possible to find out.

Jason McCord, the lead level designer at Respawn Entertainment, has published a thermal map on his Twitter account that shows the most visited points on the map with extreme precision and, as you can easily imagine, they are all included in the central area and Skulltown. The image, which you find in the tweet at the bottom of the news, highlights how the outermost areas like Acquitrini are not very populated and the players limit themselves to visit only some points in search of loot.

In case you were wondering, the screenshot shows the movements of the players who took care of the internal tests over a good six months and is a very useful tool for developers to understand which are the areas most loved by the players in order to be able to better understand how to work on the next contents. It is therefore not to be excluded that the less loved places can disappear or undergo heavy changes with the coming of the coming seasons.

Did you know that Respawn has taken action against Apex Legends players who used mouse and keyboard on consoles?