Days Gone: The New Weekly Challenge Has to Do With the Hordes!

Days Gone

The post-launch support of Days Gone continues yesterday the Bend Studio guys have made available a new Weekly Challenge called the fearless knight. The target? Exterminate a horde of 300 furious as fast as possible!

As is now customary, this challenge also includes a series of secondary objectives to complete to unlock all the rewards and scale the positions of the global ranking:

  1. Hawkeye: Perform X eliminations with the crossbow;
  2. Untouchable: Make X eliminations without taking damage;
  3. In the centre of the viewfinder: Make X headshots;
  4. Unnecessary risk: Make X eliminations without performing somersaults.

Only the best of you will be able to complete all the goals in a single attempt. There is no hurry, in any case, since the challenge will remain available even after the next weekly update. By establishing a high score you will get the Resistant patch, which reduces the consumption of vigor. This is a useful advantage not only in this challenge but also in the previous ones, such as Without respite and Incursion to the field. The developers also recommend using the Field Incursion Judgment patch, which increases the penetration of the blows, and the following rings:

  • Bullets: Perform a somersault to reload some ammunition from the weapon in use;
  • Aries: Scale or cross an object to recover vigor;
  • Lion’s Heart: Eliminate an enemy while a tactical mixture is active to regain concentration;
  • 1%: Smaller reticule reduces shot dispersion and increases accuracy.

We can only wish you good luck! Days Gone, we remember, is available exclusively on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and that these days is one of the protagonists of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale.