Destiny 2: A Fix Arrives for the Lord of the Wolves, Bungie Jokes About It with an Emblem

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In the last few weeks, many Destiny 2 players are tired of the Guardians in the Crucible who use the Lord of the Wolves, a too unbalanced exotic pump shotgun that makes the lucky owners of the weapon take advantage in short and medium-range battles.

As promised a few weeks ago, Bungie announced that after next Tuesday’s maintenance not only will the Hero’s Solstice with new armor arrive , but also an update that, among other innovations, also includes a depletion of the weapon that appeared for the first once in the expansion The House of Wolves of the first Destiny. This nerfs concerns both the amount of ammunition collected with the weapon equipped and its radius, which will be reduced especially when the secondary fire mode is activated. Another very interesting novelty of the next update is the changes to the tedious enterprise of the Iron Banner, that from the next return of the PvP event will simplify some steps needed to get the whole theme set. To be precise, the phase linked to the grenades will now be much simpler and, in addition to requiring 50% fewer kills, it will also give the same value to those of the allies. If you are still looking for the sword of the Heroic Seraglio, know that from now on the first completion of this new activity has as a guaranteed drop the legendary weapon. There are also some touches to the Tribute Room, whose triumphs related to Calus’ armor sets can be obtained faster.

Very nice is also the introduction of two new exclusive emblems that celebrate the Crucible periods in which unbalanced weapons like the Lens of Prometheus and the Lord of the Wolves went for the most. In particular, anyone who has played at least one PvP game between 8 and 12 December 2017 will receive the Prismatic Inferno emblem. Anyone who has played or will play at least one match of the Iron Banner of the Wealth Season by July 30, 2019, will receive the Wolves Unleashed emblem.