Doctor Who the Edge of Time: Here Is the First Video Gameplay of the VR Adventure

Doctor Who the Edge of Time

The Doctor Who The Edge of Time TARDIS takes us to the boundaries of the universe known to let us admire the very first gameplay trailer for the new adventure in virtual reality for PC and PS4 by the authors of Maze Theory.

In the company of Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor of the historic British TV series, our task will be to recover the Crystals of Time to prevent them from falling into the hands (or any alien feature of equal functionality) of extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional races like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels.

In the gameplay video proposed by the authors of the former Activision, we can admire the level of detail achieved thanks to the photogrammetry technique used to recreate in-game the scenic elements coming directly from the sets of the series.

Thanks to the latest video produced by Maze Theory, September is also confirmed as a marketing window indicative of Doctor Who The Edge of Time for Oculus, Vive and, in its exclusive PS4 console version, on PS VR. If you love this kind of virtual reality experience and have a PS VR viewer, you will be pleased to know that the hard-boiled action Blood & Truth has recently received a major free update that introduces the New Game + mode, the Online Leaderboards, the New challenges and alternative routes to take in the main campaign.