Doom Eternal Battlemode: Here Are the 5 Demons Playable at Launch; Free DLC Provided

Doom Eternal Battlemode

During QuakeCon id Software officially presented the DOOM Eternal Battlemode, an asynchronous multiplayer mode that will see a player in the role of DOOM Slayer face two others with demon features.

The developers are very keen on this mode, which will replace the classic competitive component offered by the 2016 chapter. The Battlemode was designed and packaged by the same developers who edited the single-player campaign, and combines the frantic battles of the latter with arenas designed specifically for 1vs2 crashes.

The DOOM Slayer is called to wisely exploit its complete arsenal and a series of additional movement skills, such as shooting and horizontal pegs, to counteract the 5 playable demons that will be made available at launch, each of them characterized by unique abilities. The Revenant, for example, can float and bomb the battlefield with its rocket launchers mounted on its shoulders. The Pain Elemental flies over the arena maintaining a tactical view of the target’s position, putting pressure on them from above. This, however, makes it susceptible to the butcher hook available to the Slayer. The Mancubus is not as mobile as its companions, but at short range, it can be devastating. He can sneak up on you by disorienting the Slayer with smoke bombs. Finally, there are the Reaper and the Archvile: further details on these two will be announced shortly.

Id Software has also announced that after the launch the Battlemode mode will receive completely free DLCs, which will expand the initial group of demons and introduce new arenas in which to fight. DOOM Eternal, we remember, is expected for November 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, the original trilogy was launched on consoles