Doom Eternal From Quakecon 2019: The Battlemode Multiplayer Segment Is Presented on Video

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

Don’t pay for the announcement of the new PS Now games and the arrival of the DOOM trilogy on the console, from the stage of the QuakeCon 2019 the leaders of Bethesda and the guys of id Software show us the very first gameplay images and scenes from Battlemode, the sector DOOM Eternal multiplayer.

Created by the same development team that took care of the single-player campaign, DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode promises to drop us into an extremely hectic playful environment to be experienced within arenas designed for the occasion.

As we can guess by watching the gameplay movies made by the American authors for the 2019 QuakeCon that celebrates DOOM’s twenty-fifth anniversary and marks the end of the collaboration with Tim Willits , the Battlemode multiplayer module allows fans to mow hordes of demons with Slayer and, above all, to interpret the different breeds of devils to experiment with their peculiar combat system.

Each demon will be matched by a precise set of skills and arsenals that will be grafted into a larger context where the Slayer, for its part, will have all the weapons, mods and abilities of the singleplayer campaign at its disposal. Just like in the main adventure, even in Battlemode the search for resources will be crucial to obtain the victory and, also for this reason, it will be necessary to carefully study every single skill of the Slayer and the demons to understand how to behave and what fighting strategies to implement in order to have the better on the enemies of the moment.

Before leaving you in the company of the latest Battlemode demo films, we remind you that DOOM Eternal will be available starting November 22nd on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and in-game streaming on Google Stadia.