Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Voice Actor, Accused of Sexual Violence, Will Be Replaced

Fire Emblem Three Houses

In the last few hours, some problems related to Fire Emblem Three House have arisen which led Nintendo to announce the arrival of a new update that will replace the entire dubbing of Byleth.

It appears that the character’s English voice actor, actor Chris Niosi, has been accused of sexual violence and, therefore, his performance is going to be completely removed from the game through an update. For the uninitiated, over the years Niosi has lent his voice to numerous anime and video game characters such as Octopath Traveler, Tales of Zestiria and OK KO. According to the information that emerged on the net, the actor would have received numerous accusations over time, especially from work colleagues, with whom he would have taken some confidence too.

It is not yet clear when the update is planned and, meanwhile, Nintendo has confirmed that the recording sessions have already begun thanks to which it will be possible to replace the voice of Byleth in the game. Meanwhile, the trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes with Niosi’s dubbing was immediately removed and then replaced by a new version in which the protagonist is voiced by Zach Aguilar, (Genos of One Punch Man).