Fortnite World Cup: Crowd in Delirium for the Faze Clan, the New York Police Intervene

Faze Clan

To celebrate the qualification of some of its professional players at the Fortnite World Cup, the FaZe Clan has well thought to open for the first time in its history a temporary shop at the Sporting Goods Store in New York. No one, however, expected such a welcome.

Attracted by the chance to meet their favorite players and staff members, a large number of fans went to the site creating some public order problems. According to the famous co-founder FaZe Banks, they were in “thousands and thousands” waiting for them outside the store. In the videos shared for the occasion, which you can see at the bottom, you can clearly hear the crowd shouting “We want Banks, we want Backs!”.

The confusion that has been generated has led the New York police to intervene to restore public order, arranging barriers and preventing access to the store. Banks, as easily imaginable, has not resisted the temptation to go out and greet his fans, going against the will of the police, intent on not letting the pro gamers out on the street to avoid further confusion. In the shop, there was also NICKMERCS, one of the latest arrivals in the team, Temperrr, Rain, Replays, Sway, H1ghSky1, and Blaze. It seemed like watching a traditional sporting event, yet another sign of the sudden growth that eSports have faced in recent years.

As many as 6 FaZe Clan players qualified for the final stages of the Fortnite World Cup and will, therefore, compete this weekend for the $ 30 million prize pool: Funk, Dubs, Megga, Mongraal, Vorwenn, and Nate Hill. The first four have gained access to both the Duo finals (scheduled for tonight at 19:00 (GMT +2)) and for the Solo (starting tomorrow afternoon).