Fortnite World Cup: Rich Booty for Carnifex and art1er of Morning Stars

Fortnite Creative Event: Ninja Will Select Three Finalists for the World Cup

The first day of the Fortnite world finals has now ended. Qualified players will now compete in major Duo and Solo events. Others, on the other hand, challenged themselves in the Creative mode yesterday.

Organized into teams, the best players of the particular mode of the Epic Games title have taken the arena to compete for a prize pool worth three million dollars.

Of the thirty-two players, divided into eight teams, there was also an Italian. As we have already told you, Carnifex, thanks to Morning Stars, flew to New York to participate in the world tournament alongside the biggest stars of the Epic title.

In fact, each team included at least one large Fortnite streamer or a professional player. Among these, in Lil ‘Whip Warriors, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins; in Raven’s Revenge, there was Corentin ” Gotaga ” Housseinnel team of the other Morning Stars present at the event ( the German Art1er ), without counting the presence (in the same team of Carnifex) of Svennoss and Handofblood.

In the end, the Fish Fam captained by FaZe Cizzorz took home the first prize (one million three hundred and fifty thousand dollars!) While the Carnifex line-up, despite excellent performances (especially from the blue side), shares a $250,000 prize. Which, divided by four participants, makes 62.500 Dollars each, to which must be added the bonus of 5,000 Dollars. Not bad, really.

The Te1tonic Art1er, which instead was in Raven’s Revenge line-up together with Gotaga and Chappy, finishing in third place overall, splits a prize pool of $315,000.

In short, the expedition of the Bergamo organization to the world event can be said to be absolutely satisfactory.