Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy Turns Into Overwatch’s Heroine Thanks to an Artist

Horizon Zero Dawn

How would the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn be if she were one of the many playable heroes of Overwatch ? To ask the question was Ladislas Gueros, a Canadian artist who decided to get down to work to create a new version of Aloy with the typical Blizzard style.

In the last hours the fruits of his work have been published, which show us different images of the character’s polygonal model, impeccably realized. In addition to the screenshots of the hypothetical screen of the best action of the game , the artist has also created a movie that shows the selection menu of the skin with lots of possibilities to rotate the character to admire every single detail. I wonder if a job so well done can reach the eyes of Blizzard that, why not, could take advantage of it to create the first Hanzo skin exclusively for game owners on the Sony console.

Before leaving you to Lad’s creations, we remind you that the Overwatch summer event is currently online , during which you can get lots of new costumes and play the exclusive Lucio Ball mode. Did you know that the feet of Sigma, the new Overwatch hero currently available on the PTR of the PC version, are messing with the fans?