Images of a Gears-Themed Xbox One Controller Pop up on the Net

Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

The French colleagues claim to have found a tweet, now deleted, with the images of an alleged Gears 5 themed Xbox One controller, exclusive to Microsoft in September on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, attached.

On the pad, in white and gray, are drawn metal plates, while between the buttons View and Menu stands the well-known gear symbol of the series. You can admire the images saved before deletion (qualitatively very bad, unfortunately) in the gallery at the bottom of this news. Since this is unofficial information , we advise you to take it with pliers waiting for a statement from the parent company. In any case, we wouldn’t be surprised if Mircosoft decided to announce it for real, after all we’re talking about a pad inspired by the title of the next videogame. The release of Gears 5, we recall, is set for September 13th. As we write to you, the second phase of the Gears 5 Tech Test is underway, accessible to players who have pre-ordered the game, and to Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold subscribers.

A similar operation was recently carried out with the Xbox One controller – Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition, inspired by the famous title of Epic Games. Already included in the Xbox One S Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition bundle, it will be sold individually starting September 13th.