Monster Hunter World: The Spring Flowers Festival Is Back


The celebrations in the New World of Monster Hunter World have begun. Over the next five weeks, hunters from all over the world will be able to relive, one after the other, all the Astera festivals that have embellished the first year and a half of life of the hunting Games.

It begins immediately with the already available Spring Flowers Festival. If you are a veteran, you already know how it works, but if you have just arrived then we will explain immediately what you can expect. For the duration of the event, almost all previously published event missions will be available again. You will receive special access bonuses (two megafortune vouchers and a spring flower voucher) and new limited daily requests with which you can get floral fireworks and good spring flowers. With the Good Spring flowers, you can get the Floral armor set and the Butterfly companion armor, which you can see in the images below. In addition, there are new backgrounds, titles and poses for the guild card up for grabs, as well as the Vendetta Della for Poogie costume. For the assistant, instead, the laborious Ape costume will be available for a limited period. As if that were not enough, for the duration of the festival the objects and services of the structures will be discounted, while at the Celeste Caccia canteen you will find a special seasonal dish.

Not bad, right? The Spring Flowers Festival will be active until 01:59 on Friday 2 August, after which the Summer Sunset Festival will begin. We take this opportunity to inform you that Monster Hunter World is one of the protagonists of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale. The publication of the Iceborne expansion is scheduled for September 6th.