Pokémon Go, Team Rocket Hack Social Media Profiles and Launch a Countdown: What Happens?

Pokémon Go, Team Rocket


A few days ago, the followers of Team Rocket invaded Pokémon GO taking possession of the Pokéstops and bringing with them the new Shadow Pokémon. Apparently, it’s not over yet: we’ll soon see some good ones!

To begin with, some members of the organization showed up around the real world, in New York City to be precise. As if that were not enough, all the Pokémon social media profiles have been hacked: now you can find mysterious, very dark images that show the silhouette of some characters and a date, or tomorrow July 28th. Thanks to a countdown that appeared on YouTube, we also know what time to expect the mysterious event, or at 06:00 (GMT +2) tomorrow morning!

What will happen? At the moment there is no official information about it, but the most attentive players have noticed that among the shapes visible in the images is also that of Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket himself! Is he going to get into Pokémon GO too, having sent his followers to do the dirty work? At the end of the special research dedicated to Team Rocket, after all, Professor Willow makes it clear that it is not over yet, and that the threat is still around the corner. Furthermore, the data miners have found a long list of Shadow Pokémon still accessible in the game, and are therefore destined to make their debut in the coming days/weeks. Now we can’t help but wait until tomorrow. Do you have any theory about it?

We take the opportunity to quickly change the subject and tell you that the next Community Day will be dedicated to Ralts and is set for Saturday, August 3rd.