Shuhei Yoshida Visiting Kojima: Will It Be Enough to Stop the Rumors on Death Stranding?


Having welcomed Jade Raymond, executive producer of Google’s gaming division, with open arms, Hideo Kojima allowed another guest of honour to visit the studios where the highly anticipated Death Stranding is taking shape.

Just the arrival of the co-creator of the Assassin’s Creed series has in these hours, even more, questioned the exclusivity held by Sony against Death Stranding, already shaky according to some due to the lack of the Only on PlayStation sticker on the official cover. If at the announcement of the project there were rumours of a possible PC edition, now we are talking about a version for Google Stadia. 
To put a stop to these speculations, however, there is always the Tenth Engine that Guerrilla Games – Sony’s first-party studio – lent to colleagues at Kojima Productions: Sony will let a title made with its engine be launched on other platforms?

Perhaps, after hearing the news, Shuhei Yoshida decided to catapult himself into Kojima’s studios to make sure that the Japanese director was not plotting any too bold move behind him, but most likely the president of Sony Worldwide Studios simply decided to make visit to the software house to take a fresh look at the progress made with Death Stranding, now not too far from its debut on PlayStation 4 set for 8 November 2019.