Street Fighter 6 Will Not Be Announced at Evo 2019, the Capcom Denial


In the past few days, some speculations that wanted to announce the announcement of Street Fighter 6 by Capcom have made their way. According to the voices that emerged on the net, the Japanese publisher would have taken the opportunity offered by the EVO 2019 to announce the new chapter of the series, but Yoshinori Ono spoke directly to clarify.

As you can see through the twittering that we reported at the bottom of the news, Ono has flatly denied the rumour that suggested not only the announcement of Street Fighter 6 but also an exclusivity agreement with Sony for which the title would have been launched exclusively on PS4 and PS5.

” do n’t have SF6 …”, Ono’s words. “Whoever said such a thing? Our concentration is directed only to one thing, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition”.

Despite the physiological decline in sales of the beat’em up and an increasingly better Tekken 7, it seems therefore that Capcom wants to continue to support Street Fighter 5, although it is by no means excluded that the Japanese company is quietly preparing for the arrival of the sixth chapter of the franchise, presumably intended for next-generation consoles.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. The title will be one of the great protagonists of the new edition of the EVO, the biggest tournament in the world dedicated to fighting games.