Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The Spirits of Dragon Quest Have Appeared in the Database

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The curators of the YouTube channel GameXplain have discovered that the online database of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has recently been updated with the addition of the Spirits of Dragon Quest, an event that could represent the prelude to the official publication of the Hero, new fighter belonging to the Fighter Pass.

The arrival of the Dragon Quest Hero has been confirmed for quite some time, during the E3 of June 2019 to be precise, however, Nintendo has never provided an official launch date, leaving ample room for speculation. In a Japanese mini-market, for example, posters have recently appeared that announces the introduction of the Hero during this summer. Once again a generic date has been provided, but the most attentive have noticed that the promotional initiative expires on August 4th … the day when the final stages of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament will take place at the EVO 2019. A case? Is this the day when the debut will take place?

Meanwhile, the managers of the YouTube channel GameXplain have discovered that the online database of the fighting game has been updated with the introduction of the Dragon Quest Spirits (visible below), an event that contributes to fueling speculation (and hopes) on an imminent launch Hero. The updating of the databases, in fact, usually takes place just before the publication of a DLC, so the date of 4 August could be plausible.

Obviously, these are simply speculations. For the confirmation, we can not help but wait while waiting for an official announcement from Nintendo. Meanwhile, we can prepare for EVO 2019, which is heading towards the biggest edition of its history. More than 3,500 players will participate in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament only!