Xbox One: Phil Spencer’s Mea Culpa on the Few Exclusives of This Gen

Project Scarlett Will Be the Last Microsoft Console? Phil Spencer's Answer

In the last hours an excerpt of an interview with the increasingly influential head of the gaming division of Microsoft, Phil Spencer was published, who admitted one of the main negative aspects of Xbox One.

Here are Spencer’s words on Fortune’s microphones:

“I really believe in the power of content, I see it every day. Very few people turn on their Xbox One by simply looking at the dashboard. Players start the console to play and when I think of Xbox first-party titles, I can think of games of quality. We have not done our best in the last few years in terms of exclusives.”

However, it seems that Microsoft is rolling up its sleeves to get ready for the next generation in the best possible way. In fact, more and more development teams have been acquired by the Redmond giant and, in all likelihood, the fruits of these acquisitions will begin to manifest themselves precisely with the advent of Xbox Scarlett.

Did you know that the latest Xbox One update removed Cortana and changed the appearance of the dashboard? A recent leak has instead revealed the brand new Gears 5 Xbox One controller, which should be added very soon to the already rich variety of exclusive pads for the Microsoft console.