Zelda Breath of the Wild: Let’s Explore Hyrule Swimming and Flying With Sidon Thanks to a Glitch

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After exploring the depths of BOTW with a glitch, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild fans exploit a new hole in the Eiji Aonuma blockbuster game code to allow Link to swim and fly in all areas of the kingdom of Hyrule together with the Prince of Zora, Sidon.

The discovery in question was made by a Japanese fan who decided to immortalize the scene in several explanatory videos to publish them on the pages of his Twitter profile. Based on the gameplay offered by the user, the glitch in question allows players to exit the digital boundaries that delimit the area of the initial battle with the Sacred Vah Ruta Colossus to allow Link to ride Sidon in any area of Hyrule.

As we can see in the videos at the bottom of the news, the new BOTW glitch offers Link and the Prince of Zora the opportunity to swim and even fly, effectively bypassing the constraints of the excellent graphic engine of Breath of the Wild and of the ‘engine appointed to manage the physical in-game.

Did you also know that in the immediate aftermath of E3 2019 the rumours concerning the BOTW follow-up have multiplied? According to the leaks, the highly anticipated sequel to Nintendo’s free-roaming adventure should be called Breath of the Darkness and come out at the end of 2020 on both the current Switch (and Switch Lite) model and the mid-gen review chat now known as Switch Pro.