6 Tips to Keep Your PC Cool

PC Cool

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s really very hot and this is a real tragedy for us players, who spend so much time in front of the PC with our favorite medium. If you want to safeguard your PC with some simple tricks and tips that we propose below.

1: Check your houses: are there any physical obstacles to the airflow inside? Have you optimized cable management? Are the knobs at maximum? Remember, more noise is better than fried hardware!

2: Guarantee a fresh air flow: in the case where it is possible to suck fresh air or near the computer, this is a fantastic solution, just to avoid that the PC always recycles the same hot air.

3: Open windows are not always a good thing, especially if the outside air is warmer than the indoor air. Avoid direct sunlight in the room, as it heats it up quickly. Close the curtains.

4: Place the computer down. The heat moves upwards, then moves the computer to the floor, perhaps even placing it on a solid metal or wood plate to prevent too much dust from accumulating

5: If all else fails, ensure greater airflow by adding more or, even better, larger fans to your case.

6: Play in a place like a tavern or a basement, if possible. If not, move the computer near an exterior wall and away from any windows.

Have fun and have a good game!