Apex Legends, Banned After a Spectacular Killing: They Believed He Was Cheating

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During one of his transmissions, the player Otto “ottr” Bostrom became the protagonist of a spectacular play in Apex Legends, taking out two enemies during a jump. The second elimination, however, made the spectators suspicious, since it took place with an extremely precise stroke following an unusual shot of the weapon upwards.

Many have accused him of using an aim-bot, or cheating software. His comment after the killing did nothing but feed the suspicions: “Chat [addressing the spectators present in the chat] does not create a clip”, giving the impression that he was really hiding something. Despite his request, the game action – which you can see in the video at the bottom of the news – came to the attention of a Respawn Entertainment mod, which proceeded to ban it manually. The Californian developers, by their own admission, are taking the issue of cheating very seriously, so they don’t seem inclined to give discounts to anyone.

The truth is that ottr has not used any cheats. The killing was completely legitimate and the daughter of an incredibly lucky coup, which happens “once in a million” , as he himself stated. The shot hit was marred by a weapon’s behavior – the sudden upward jerk we talked about above – that normally occurs in the game. Ottr has therefore returned to that same point and has registered himself showing that the weapon behaves really like that even in normal conditions, as you can see in the tweet below. He then submitted the material to Respawn Entertainment, which admitted the error and reinstated it in the game by revoking the ban. Everything is well that ends well: his killing, now,

Meanwhile, the famous streamer Dr. DisRespect continues to lash out against the battle royale: according to him, Apex Legends looks like a pre-alpha.