Classic Doom Trilogy on Consoles: Bethesda Works to Remove the Mandatory Login


The arrival of the classic DOOM trilogy on consoles was celebrated by all shooter fans, but many criticized the presence of the obligatory login to For this reason, the leaders of the American company try to respond to criticism and work to solve the problem.

Through the pages of their official Twitter profile, the leaders of Bethesda inform buyers of the classic versions of DOOM that “the requirement of access to BethesdaNet has been included according to the support to the Slayers Club, the program that allows users of the classic games of DOOM to win prizes. Login to this program should be optional, so we are already working to make this requirement optional.

Despite being a problem that involves all the console versions of DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM III, to complain more about the obligatory login to seem to be Nintendo Switch users, or at least this is what transpires from the number of messages received on the main forums and sector sites. On the hybrid console of the Kyoto house, in fact, this passage turns out to be decidedly more annoying because of the fact that in many, playing in Portable mode, they prefer not to connect to the network to disable Wi-Fi and guarantee a longer battery life of your console.

Regardless of your chosen platform, however, with the next video game update of the classic DOOM trilogy on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch should definitely drop the online login requirement for BethesdaNet. Waiting to know the timing of publication of this important update and to read your comments on it, we remind you that during QuakeCon 2019 we were also able to watch the gameplay of Battlemode, the multiplayer DOOM Eternal mode.