David Cage: This Is What the Founder of Quantic Dream Thinks About the Future of Video Games

Game Workers Unite Investigates Quantic Dream, the Company Responds

Interviewed by GameSpot, the founder of Quantic Dream David Cage retraced the history of his company and, without embarking on the self-celebration of the successes linked to such titles as Heavy Rain, or Detroit Become Human, he explained what could be the main news coming in the gaming industry.

“As time goes by you know that technology evolves, new platforms arrive and you think you can increase the realism of your games even further”, the French author begins, explaining that “we were talking about photorealism in this sector for years. , game after game, we are trying to get closer to that goal. From this point of view, I think Detroit is graphically better than Beyond, and that Beyond is of Heavy Rain, etc. etc. So yes, I think with our neighbour videogame we will try to further raise that limit”.

Going back to discussing the innovations that could affect the videogame industry in view of the next-gen and the launch of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, David Cage does not seem to have doubts in saying that “I really think that lighting will become more and more fundamental. You know, there is this new technology called ‘Ray Tracing’ that we talk about a lot in recent times, and I think it will be really interesting to see how it evolves because it promises to improve essential things like reflections, dynamic lighting and shadows “I think it will be a very important factor for the future of video games.

In deepening the topic Ray Tracing, Cage concludes his speech by specifying that “for years, at the centre of the debate there was the number of polygons that you could use in-game, then came the discussions about shaders and then about textures, but now I think that in order to aspire to photorealism we need to improve the image on the screen with a deeper and simulative lighting system, I don’t believe that we can continue with the war of resolution, with people talking about the in-game benefits of 8K. I think this is the new battleground, but I would rather prefer to focus on aspects such as lighting, lighting and, again, lighting!”.

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