Destiny 2: The Catalysts for Ultima Parola, Ace of Spades and Many Other Weapons Arrive

Destiny 2

Despite a large number of exotic weapons present in Destiny 2, there are still so many guns without a catalyst, an accessory that allows you to generate Spheres of Light and amplify some of the weapon’s features, thus making it more efficient in battle.

However, it seems that with the advent of Year 3 and Shadowkeep things are about to change and even the exotic weapons of Year 2 will have their catalyst. To find out it was, as always, the data miner, who found among the game files inserted with the last update a series of references to the catalysts of weapons like the Last Word, the Bad Conduct and the Ace of Spades, the portable cannon of the late Cayde-6.

Here is the list of the catalysts in question with the related details:

  • Bad Conduct, Big Boom: Eliminate an enemy with Explosive Shadow, the gun’s main perk, generates a final explosion
  • Ace of Spades, Funeral Pyre: the explosion of Dragonfly inflicts more damage when activated with bullets powered by the weapon’s main perk, Memento Mori
  • Last word, High Noon (to be confirmed): Switching to this gun guarantees a short temporary bonus on blow to the head
  • Accompanyer, The Survivor: Three precision shots with Son of the active Road restore two bullets in the magazine
  • Black Claw, Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against bosses, vehicles and Guardians who have Super Active

Other perks were also found whose reference weapon is not specified:

  • Fistfuls of BulletsMelee kills overload the charger up to twice it’s capacity. Probably it is the catalyst of Monte Carlo, which will return in Shadoweep
  • Once More: Reloading an enemy without killing them with half a loader increases weapon damage. In this case, it could be the Cerberus +1 catalyst
  • Hailstorm: Kills increase the damage inflicted by the weapon and slowly reload the ammo in the magazine until you stop firing. This catalyst could belong to the bizarre Destiny 2 exotic machine gun powered by an alien insect
  • Focus Optics: Increases the zoom and range of the weapon when aiming. It is very likely that this catalyst belongs to the exotic portable cannon with a viewfinder, always coming with Shadowkeep

Waiting to get our hands on these new catalysts starting next September 17th 2019, we remind you that the artefacts will return to Destiny 2 with the release of Shadowkeep. Furthermore, starting next Tuesday, Bungie will kick off the Solstice of Heroes, a Destiny 2 summer event during which you can forge new armour and enter a new business.