Dragon Quest 11 S: The First Game Announced for Switch Finally Enters the Gold Phase

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After a very long development phase suggested by the announcement even before the official presentation of Nintendo Switch, the Definitive Edition of Dragon Quest XI S for Switch finally enters the Gold phase and the confirmation is offered directly by Square Enix and the team led by Hokuto Okamoto.

The announcement of the conclusion of the development phase of the definitive edition of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of a Lost Era is accompanied by a message on Twitter by Okamoto which confirms the intention of the Japanese software house to respect the deadline of 27 September 2019 as the official launch date of the title on Nintendo Switch.

The delay accumulated by the official disclosure, which took place in the distant 2015, was not lost, or at least this is the promise Okamoto makes to all those who eagerly await the release of the JRPG blockbuster. In addition to the high definition remastering of all the settings and polygonal models of the original title, in the Definitive Edition, we will find new stories for each of the interpretable characters.

To these, there will be many new secondary missions to be faced in the worlds of the previous Dragon Quest, in addition to the possibility of switching from 3D to 2D with the push of a button and, last but definitely not in order of importance, in the presence of a column orchestral sound for battles and realistic situations.

While waiting for September 27 to plunge into the colourful atmosphere of the Square Enix adventure for Nintendo Switch, we leave you in the company of the long video gameplay of Dragon Quest XI S shown to us by the authors of Hokuto Okamoto during E3 2019 Los Angeleno.