Fallout 76: All the News From Quakecon 2019 Between Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders

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On the stage of the QuakeCon 2019, the Bethesda leaders represented by Pete Hines and Todd Howard confirm their willingness to support Fallout 76 for a long time by announcing all the news that will affect the post-apocalyptic universe of their controversial RPG multiplayer over the coming months.

The first of these innovations will have to do with the battle royale Nuclear Winter module: the bosses of the US software house promise, in fact, to add soon the new town of Morgantown in the wilderness of the Flatwoods, as we can guess by observing the presentation movie made for the Texan festival.

Also during the QuakeCon reassurances were offered to the players of Fallout 76 who attempted the Adventure mode : as early as the second half of August, the explorers of the contaminated area of West Virginia could, in fact, visit the Vault 94 and participate in activities of high level designed to involve up to 4 players in the lobby. By the end of the year, another Vault will also arrive: in the meantime, Bethesda promises to use the next updates to make the Fast Journey to events free and to solve a new series of bugs and glitches.

As for the content additions of Wastelanders, the free expansion of Fallout 76 should arrive in November and include new types of enemies , lots of casual encounters, an exponential increase in the lines of dialogue offered by the NPCs, of the deeper secondary missions and new settlements that should make the game world more diverse and fun.

With Wastelanders a faction system will also debut , with activities to be unblocked to raise the roleplaying tenor of the work and allow us to carry out different tasks: from this point of view, Bethesda’s desire to make private servers available as soon as possible and to introduce a Legendary Perk system that aims to transform the endgame experience.