Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Expand the Relationships Between the Protagonists


During the ACGHK 2019 Game Show in Hong Kong, the editorial staff of Siliconera was able to watch the entire introductory sequence of Final Fantasy VII Remake – the Bombing Mission – commented by the producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Much of the sequence has already been shown in clips within the recent official films, but those present have finally been able to attend it in its full version. The overall structure of the gaming area has been faithfully recreated, but the development team – composed of veterans of the original work and new recruits – has also added new sections and new buildings to freshen up the area of ​​the Mako reactor.

To jump to the eye of the lucky ones who were able to watch the sequence is the deepening of personal relationships between the characters – Cloud, Barrett, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Following we will describe some scenes of the initial stages of the game, so if you do not want to spoil the surprise we advise you to stop reading. For example, when they get off the train, Barrett is much more hostile and skeptical towards Cloud, claiming to be willing to shoot him at the first misstep. At the same time, Jessie is more exasperated by Barrett’s suspicious behavior. After that, Cloud separates from the group to avoid being captured and then reunites at the entrance to the reactor. Then a new cutscene starts, which shows a very skeptical Biggs about the real capabilities of the protagonist. In a completely different opinion, Wedge, who is much more friendly, even making him the gesture of a thumb up. These interactions were not as detailed in the original game.

Even the elevator scene has been expanded: Cloud is reluctant to answer Jessie’s questions about his relationship with Tifa, and luckily for him, he is interrupted by the opening of the doors. Inside the elevator, Barrett claims to be able to hear the world crying for help because of the overconsumption of the Mako. Cloud, not perfectly grasping the meaning of his words, advises him to be seen by a doctor. A moment of lightness that helps to relieve tension.

As you could see, although it is the only initial sequence, there are many differences with the original work. It will be interesting to discover the extent of the changes made to the rest of the adventure. We will find out on March 3, 2020, when Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4. Despite the rumors, the title is not currently scheduled on Xbox One.