Fire Emblem: Three Houses The Action Figure of Edelgard Is Coming

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If you are a fan of Fire Emblem Three Houses, a title that marked the debut of the series on Nintendo Switch, know that a new Figma action figure dedicated to the beautiful Edelgard von Hresvelg is coming.

At the moment the manufacturer of the collector’s item, Good Smile Company, has limited himself to publishing an image of the prototype of the statue without coloration and details such as additional accessories (at the moment it is possible to see only the typical weapon of the character, an ax) and the classic transparent stand that distinguishes the products in the series. With the exception of the level of detail as always high, the only detail that emerges from the shot published on Twitter is the presence of numerous points of articulation, which will allow the owners of the action figure to make them assume numerous different poses. Unfortunately, the details regarding price and release date are not yet known of the product and, in all probability, we will have to wait a few more weeks before this information is formalized, perhaps with the image of the product in its final version.

Did you know that the dubbing of Fire Emblem Three Houses is about to undergo changes due to allegations of sexual assault on the actor who lent his voice to the protagonist?