Fortnite: News About Season 10 Expected Today During the World Cup Finals

Fortnite Season 10

After the spectacular clash Mech vs. Monster, now the Fortnite players ca n’t wait to find out what Epic Games has in store for them in view of the start of Season 10, scheduled for Thursday, August 1st.

Apparently, they won’t have to wait until next week to get some clues, since the American developers have promised that today, during the Fortnite World Cup Solo mode finals, they will provide juicy previews. It is precise because of the world competition if the start of Season 10 was postponed by two weeks: rightly, Epic Games has preferred to avoid big changes in the game in the middle of a World Cup.

Some seeds in the world of the Royal Battle, in any case, have already been thrown. For several days, a mysterious shining sphere of light has appeared, which continues to change and grow. Its function, in any case, is completely unknown. Many people think that it could explode at any moment, but we think it could reserve something more complex.

Meanwhile, in the exploration section of PlayStation Store, a promotional image of the next Fortnite season appeared, probably ahead of schedule. Below the game logo and the battle bus, as you can see for yourself below, is the Roman numeral X: that Epic Games has decided to abandon the classic numbering? In that case, Season X could soon start!

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that the Solo finals of the Fortnite World Cup will be played starting at 7.00 pm (GMT +2) this evening. A live Marshmello concert is also planned! Yesterday, however, Nyhrox and Aqua graduated world champions in the Fortnite Duo!