Fortnite: The Sponding Ball Is Transforming


If you have witnessed the epic battle between the monster and the Fortnite Battle Royal robot, you have surely noticed that during the battle a sphere with a futuristic structure of Shores of Sacking has escaped , the same one that allowed the robotic creature to stun the monster and inflict the coup de grace.

In the last few hours it seems that the sphere in question is giving the first signs of life, becoming ever larger and emitting a stronger glow than in the previous days. According to the data given by the dataminer, who have already found all the next stages of the transformation of the object among the game files, we will witness the progressive expansion of the sphere which, in all probability, will end up exploding precisely in conjunction with the launch of Season 10. According to some enthusiasts, the explosion generated could bring the map back to that of a few seasons ago, thus allowing developers to create new play areas and, why not, start a new storyline that does not have nothing to do with the Kevin Cube, the Ice King and the Polar Peak creature.

Waiting to find out what will happen next Thursday, we remind you that in the late afternoon there will be the World Cup final for solo players and, during the event, Fortnite’s first information on Season 10 will be revealed.