No Man’s Sky: Beyond For Sean Murray Playing It in Vr Will Be the Dream of Every Sci-Fi Fan

No Man's Sky

During an interview granted to the organizers of the Develop: Brighton event, the founder and boss of Hello Games, the volcanic Sean Murray, illustrated one of the main innovations foreseen with the Beyond update of No Man’s Sky, or support to virtual reality on PC and PlayStation 4.

“Bringing the game into virtual reality was something I wanted to do for a long time,” said Murray before explaining that “I think NMS offers a sci-fi universe in its own unique way, so I’m thrilled with the idea of wearing a VR viewer to walk in virtual reality within such a large procedural dimension, with infinite worlds to explore. If eight years ago I could have glimpsed even for a moment what I could do, I think I would have had a heart attack “Everything is so crazy, No Man’s Sky in VR is the ideal dream of every science fiction lover

Behind the enthusiasm that accompanies the now imminent publication of this update (which we remember to be expected by the end of the summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One), there is, however, the awareness of having had to work not just to fulfil the wish of the fan of sci-fi adventure enthusiasts VR. According to Murray, in fact, “it was extremely challenging for us to take this game and make sure that people could explore it with a VR viewer, but I am excited about the work is done because the development took place creatively. We also made many more functionalities, but once launched the update we will have all the time necessary to dedicate ourselves to the last surprise”.

According to the clue launched by Sean Murray, then, after Beyond the Hello Games team would have already planned the development of a new free update for No Man’s Sky.