Pokémon Go: Global Event With Team Rocket Starting Today July 28th!

Pokemon Go

After hacked the Pokémon GO social media profiles and launched a mysterious countdown, Team Rocket eventually made his move!

Here is the message of the criminal organization: “Hey, brats! While you were distracted by our joke in New York, we mobilized our forces for a Scorribanda of the Global Rocket Team! From 16:00 to 17:00 of your local time, we will occupy ALL Pokéstops in your area “.

The message is extremely clear: from 16:00 to 17:00 (GMT +2) today Sunday, July 28, the followers of Team Rocket will invade all the Pokéstops in the world! The coaches will then be called upon to face them and defeat them, to foil the threat and get Shadow Pokémon to be purified. At the moment we do not know the expected prizes and we do not know if new monsters will be introduced. We just have to wait for this afternoon to participate in this new global Pokémon GO event, which three years after its launch continues to amaze by renewing itself with new content. Also, don’t forget that on Saturday 3rd August it will be the turn of the Ralts Community Day.