RAW Blocked by Kickstarter: The Authors of the GTA Online Clone Try Again on Indiegogo

Kickstarter Blocks the Raw

The developers of Killerwhale Games are not discouraged and, despite the controversy unleashed by the abrupt end of crowdfunding on RAW’s Kickstarter, they are trying a new way to finance their project considered by many as a “suspiciously ambitious” GTA Online clone.

The criticisms leveled at the entire RAW project by the Reddit community and by Kickstarter’s leaders themselves prompted the independent Killerwhale Games collective to respond in kind to the accusation of having built a fundraising campaign on a project unrealizable by a team of such modest dimensions, especially in virtue of the fact that many graphic assets used to come from the digital catalog of the Unity Store.

“Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of commentators and streamers involved in the affair have no experience in developing video games” , was the line of defense chosen by Killerwhale before reaffirming its willingness to continue developing RAW : for this , soon a new crowdfunding campaign should start on IndieGoGo, provided however that the portal operators do not detect the project’s inconsistencies highlighted by the “colleagues” of Kickstarter.

In any case, regardless of the implications and the outcome that this thorny issue may have, we remind lovers of action free-roaming adventures that “the real” GTA Online has recently received an important free update with the Casino and Diamond Resort, although the latter is not accessible in as many as 50 countries due to local gambling laws.