The Last of Us 2: New Rumors of Release Date and Cross-Gen Nature for PS4 and PS5

The Last Of Us 2

A new leak on the release date The Last of Us 2 writes yet another episode of a long soap opera that could last a long time, judging by the launch period indicated by the anonymous Naughty Dog insider as a probable marketing window for this highly anticipated blockbuster.

On the basis of the rumors reported by GameRant and emerged from the pages of the controversial 4chan forum, the anonymous source of this new leak is certain that the new chapter of The Last of Us action saga is destined to land on PlayStation 4 in the middle 2020, and more precisely, May 22 next year.

The insider also explains that, in one of the latest meetings between the developers of Naughty Dog, the leaders of the California software house have decided to move the “internal expiry” of TLOU2 from February to May 2020 to give their authors all the time they need to guarantee cross-gen support with PS5 through very high-definition textures, more defined polygonal models and a more refined lighting system to “unlock” at the end of 2020 only on Sony’s next home console.

As usual, we invite you to take all the indiscretions that, as such, are not supported by any official source, with due caution. At the time of writing, in fact, the leaders of Naughty Dog do not seem to be interested in responding to the leaks concerning the development of The Last of Us 2 and, above all, the rumors of crunch problems reported by ex-employees not specified in the Santa Monica company.