A Petition for the Remastered Paper by Paper Mario IL Portale Millenario Is Born

Paper Mario

The YouTuber Arlo has launched a petition (supported by a video posted on its channel) to ask Nintendo to remaster Paper Mario The Millennial Portal, the sequel to Paper Mario released on GameCube in 2004 and now considered the best episode of the series.

Arlo has launched the hashtag #RemasterThousandYearDoor, which has become extremely popular on Twitter but has not yet entered the trends. The petition on Change.org has in a few hours 12,000 signatures out of 15,000 requests to officially present the petition to Nintendo.

Published on GameCube in 2004, Paper Mario The Millennial Portal has met with considerable public and critical success, relying on various sequels such as Super Paper Mario (Wii), Paper Mario Sticker Star (3DS) and Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U) while to date, nothing has been announced regarding the debut of the series on Switch .

The fans hope is that Nintendo will listen to the community, and will soon present a remastered edition of Il Portale Millenario? And do you agree with this initiative?