Are Time Travels Coming in Season 10 of Provided?

Fortnite X

With the Fortnite World Cup, which saw the sixteen-year-old Bugha in Solo and Nyhrox and Aqua in Duo, archived, it is already time to think about Fortnite’s Season 10, renamed the “Season X” of the game, arriving on August 1 in the famous Battle Royale of Epic Games.

And it really starts with a bang, according to the first teaser image of Fortnite Season 10 shown just yesterday during the final stages of the World Cup. In the tweet posted by the official account of the game, in fact, we note the Magazzino Muffito, one of the first locations of the Royal Battle in the initial seasons.

The Warehouse was then destroyed by the Metorite and became the current Spanto Stantio. The photo is also accompanied by a caption, a short sentence that reads: ” Think back “, which can be translated in many ways into Italian, including ” Ripensaci “, referring to something we have already seen or experienced.

The combination of phrase and image has made several players think of what could be a feature of Fortnite ‘s Season X: time travel. It is thought that the map of Fortnite, or in any case a part of it, will be restored and will return as it was originally.

Also because another theory concerned the replacement of the game map with a new one, but frankly it seems to us an unlikely scenario. What do you think? Would you like a return to the past in Fortnite?