Days Gone Meets Uncharted: Bend Studio Shows the New Skins of the Moto

Days Gone Uncharted

The authors of the Sony Bend studios look in the direction of Nathan Drake’s epic to publish a new series of Uncharted-themed celebratory skins for Deacon St. John’s bike with the latest Days Gone update.

In the trio of decals for the motorcycle of the hero of Days Gone we find tributes to the iconic protagonist of Uncharted 4: End of a Thief and of the action adventure series by Naughty Dog with the skins Sam , Shoreline and Flashback . Each of these skins, to take the message posted on Twitter by the editors of Ben Studio’s social media channels, should be completely free .

In addition to the decals found in the gallery at the bottom of the article, the latest update of the Sony horror sandbox for PS4 and PS4 Pro has also added a new package of weekly challenges to complete to receive the Resistant patch in return , thanks to which it is You can get an ingame bonus that allows Deacon to reduce the consumption of Vigor in its raids against the hordes of Furiosi.