Does Nvidia Already Know the Year in Which the “Real” Next Gen Will Start on PC, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?


The designer and researcher of Nvidia, Morgan McGuire, intervenes on the pages of his official Twitter profile to trace the road that, according to him, will be taken by the videogame industry over the next few years to embrace the “real” next-gen.

Discussing the technological progress that we will see in the next few years in the field of digital entertainment and, in this case, in video games, McGuire wanted to participate in the debate by stating that “I foresee that the first triple video game A which will necessarily require a Ray Tracing GPU will be marketed in 2023 and that every gaming platform, within that year, will be offering support to the Ray Tracing “ .

In turning his gaze to the future, the Nvidia researcher, therefore, believes that dynamic lighting technology using Ray Tracing in real-time is destined to become the watershed between this and the next videogame generation. With the launch of the Xbox Scarlett planned for the end of 2020 and the likely commercialization of PS5 planned in conjunction with that of the Microsoft console, the goal of 2023 to assist in the beginning of the “real” next-gen may seem too far , provided but not to consider the possibility of launching, by that year, the first mid-gen revision of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, in any case, aspire to natively support Ray Tracing since launch day. What do you think of McGiure’s statements? Do you also think that DXR technology is destined to become the true generational discriminator between this and the future videogame season? Let us know with a comment.