Far Cry 3: The Redux Mod Distorts and Improves Every Aspect of the Gameplay


Despite several years having passed since its release, Far Cry 3 continues to be played by many open-world FPS fans. The modder Hunter tries to make the fans happy by publishing Far Cry 3 Redux, a project that aims to revolutionize and improve every aspect of the Ubisoft blockbuster gameplay.

With Redux, Hunter’s intention is quite simple and involves the modification and revision of an infinite number of game parameters to infuse realism to the basic title and make it even more immersive and realistic. 

Among the changes made by the modder we mention for example the abandonment of the automatic recharge system, the improvement of the ballistics of weapons , the replacement of the minimap with a simplified compass, the removal of all the icons from the game world (both from the map and from the ‘in-game interface) or the addition of more grafts and modular accessories for weapons.

Also in version 1.0 of Far Cry 3 Redux we can experiment with a new system of crafting and looting, a reformulation of prices in stores, the ability for the hero to wear camouflage clothes and a more general improvement in graphics by modifying parameters such as the FOV of weapons or the sharpness of scenic elements in the background. 

For the moment, unfortunately, there have not yet been published demonstration videos that testify to the goodness of the work done by Hunter, but if you want to try yourself the results obtained by the modder you can download his work for free on the NexusMods pages and tell us what think using, as usual, our comments board.