Fire Emblem: Three House How to Earn Gold (Money) Quickly

Fire Emblem: Three House

After having explained to you which house to choose, in this mini-guide of Fire Emblem: Three Houses we talk about a little trick that allows you to earn gold (the in-game currency of the game) quickly during the adventure.

In Fire Emblem: Three House, gold allows you to upgrade equipment, unlock new classes and purchase useful items within the game. Below we explain how to earn it as quickly and easily as possible.

How to earn gold fast in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The trick to earning gold fast in Fire Emblem: Three Houses exploits the fishing event, with which you can get an almost endless flow of money. By participating in the fishing event in special circumstances, in fact, it is possible to multiply all the fish caught.

The event in question occurs only a couple of times. The first time you will not be able to buy bait. The second time, around the twelfth month of the Ethereal Moon, it will be time to take advantage of it. Whenever you explore the monastery don’t forget to buy bait. You can buy them in the eastern and western markets after having released them. Buy their complete stocks every month: it won’t be very expensive.

Once the fishing event occurs, all you have to do is go fishing. If you catch a single goldfish, it can multiply up to 4 times. The same is true for platinum fish and precious fish. Fish until you have finished the bait and sell the fish to earn tons of gold. With this simple trick, you will be able to fill your pockets quickly.